KSE Global is a group of companies dedicated to foster education equity globally and offer same high quality educational resources to students from a wide spectrum of the curriculum. In collaboration of American Scholastic Council, a non-profit organization registered in New York, KSE offers research opportunities for high schoolers and college students to work with world elite university faculty on more than 150 subjects and cross-disciplines. Since 2012, the company has held more than six grand summer academic programs in China, UK and the USA, which have been highly recognized by the students and teachers. In 2018, The company hosted UCLA-ASC Summer Academic Programs in the United States in collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles.

As a pioneer of the industry, the company established the Liberal Arts Summer Programs early in 2012 and took the lead in introducing the teaching mode of prestigious U.S. professors to China. At the same time, the company initiated 1V1 and PBL academic research programs, and received much praise. Many of our students have become the first of their school to get enrolled in Ivy League universities such as Columbia University, and Stanford University.

Up to now, the company has established long-lasting relationship with more than 800 professors from elite universities majorly from the Ivy Leagues in the United States and recruited more than 6,000 students to participate in our scientific research programs. Among them, 64% have received offers from the top 30 universities in the United States, and 88% have received offers from the top 50 universities in the United States.


Teaching Management Services with Providing Faculties from World-class Universities

Faculties from the Ivy League in the U.S.
Faculties from the G5 Group in the UK
Faculties from the computer and engineering schools, such as Carnegie Mellon

Development of International Course Projects

Design and development of project-based learning program for high school students
Curriculum development on pre-college level for high school students
Organization and management of online research research programs
Organization and management of short-term on-site research camps in winter and summer
Accreditation and conversion of university credit

International Academic Exchange and Assessment

Evaluation standard of academic extracurricular, provided for university admissions
Comprehensive services for papers publication in domestic journals and international conference
Academic exchange activities for secondary schools and colleges

Promotion Of Project-Based Learning for Secondary School Students

Organization of non-profit academic activities for secondary school students
Writing and publishing media articles of academic research popularization
Collaboration with local governments on quality-oriented education project
Collaboration with industry partners on career planning programs

Curriculum Services and Support for Middle and High Schools

International curriculum acquisition and implementation
Curriculum optimizing, upgrading, and redeveloping
Organizing regional teaching experience exchange conference

International Education Observation and Policy Studies

Study on the comparison of curricula and textbook reform in various high school
Observation of schooling policies and education data analysis
International students' career path tracking,especially for Chinese students who study abroad



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