Jack Mostow

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Professor Emeritus


I am now leading Carnegie Mellon’s RoboTutor team competing for the Global Learning XPRIZE, expanding my previous work on Project LISTEN’s Reading Tutor that listens to children read aloud. The Reading Tutor adapts automated speech recognition to analyze oral reading. The Reading Tutor responds with spoken and graphical assistance modeled in part after expert reading teachers, but adapted to the strengths and limitations of the technology. Experimental use of the Reading Tutor in elementary school classrooms improved reading proficiency. My previous work in artificial intelligence included machine learning, automated replay of design plans, and discovery of search heuristics. RoboTutor offers exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary work in intelligent tutors, educational data mining, graphic design, speech technologies, cognitive and motivational psychology, human-computer interaction, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Research Areas

RESEARCH TOPICS Robots for Education Human-Robot Interaction Human-Centered Robotics Dr. Mostow’s research interests in artificial intelligence have included speech, machine learning, and design.


After research and faculty positions at Stanford, Information Sciences Institute, and Rutgers, he joined the Carnegie Mellon faculty in 1992 to launch Project LISTEN, which is getting computers to listen to children read aloud, and help them. Dr. Mostow was Program Co-chair of the Fifteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI98), and has served as an editor of Machine Learning Journal and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. In 2003, Dr. Mostow was awarded The Allen Newell Medal for Research Excellence. In 2010, he chaired the 10th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems and was elected President of the International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society.