Andrew Watt

University of Oxford

Associate Professor


Andrew leads a group of 14 scientists on energy materials research from the synthesis of new nanomaterials through to the fabrication, characterization and application of devices. The group has considerable experience in the synthesis of nanomaterials, thin film device fabrication, optoelectronic materials characterisation and advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques. Recent highlights include, the demonstration of vacuum thermal evaporation of conducting polymers for solar cells, high resolution TEM imaging of polymer lamellae in bulk heterojunction photovoltaic devices, and the initial demonstration of a SnS nanocrystal heterojunction thin film photovoltaic devices.

Research Areas

Photovoltaics Nanomaterials Nanostructured Materials Nanomaterials Synthesis Material Characterization Materials Thin Films and Nanotechnology Thin Film Deposition Nanoparticle Synthesis Optoelectronics


Key publications Low temperature phase selective synthesis of Cu 2 ZnSnS 4 quantum dots CA Cattley et al. Chemical Communications 49, p3745 (2013). Morphology control in co-evaporated bulk heterojunction solar cells P Kovacik et al. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 117, p22 (2013).