Robert Wyman

Yale University



Bob Wyman, A.B. Harvard University, Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, faculty member at Yale since 1966:

Research Areas

Neurogenetics, Neurobiology, Human demography, Animal Behavior


SELECTED PUBLICATIONS NOT IN PUBMED Wyman, R. J. (2003) The Projection Problem. Population and Environment 24:329-337. Nie, Y.L. and R.J. Wyman (2005) The one child policy in Shanghai: acceptance and internalization. Population and Development Review 31(2):313-336. Wyman, Robert (2011) Population, Water and Health: The Demographic Background. Water and Sanitation Related Diseases and the Environment. pp29-40 Wiley-Blackwell Wyman, Robert (2011) Population stability is a long way off. Nature 474:284-285. Wyman, Robert (2013) Population pressure and Global Warming in the Depletion of Fresh Water. Population and Development Review (39):687-704. Yao, Guigui and Wyman, R .J. (2016) Population pp 304-315 Handbook of Religion and Ecology. Routledge, London. MEDIA EXPOSURE: Online Course: Global Problems of Population Growth (link is extern| is external) INTERNATIONAL: Lead Interviewee Chinese Government News Agency (Xinhua) 7 Billion Milestone - Can We Cope? CNC World Special Report: _growing_-_can_our_world_cope_.shtml(link is external) <- speci or is external)