Marie Caudill

Cornell University



Professor Caudill is internationally recognized for her work on folate and choline, and the intake levels required to meet metabolic requirements and improve physiological outcomes. She has published over 160 papers, reviews, and chapters in these areas, and is frequently an invited speaker on topics related to the importance of choline nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Professor Caudill is also a co-editor on the popular graduate level nutrition textbook "Biochemical, Physiological, & Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition”.

Research Areas

Impact of prenatal choline supplementation on DHA delivery to the developing fetus in human pregnancy Effect of prenatal choline supplementation, and genetic variation, on choline metabolism and partitioning during human pregnancy Interactions between prenatal choline supplementation and the gut microbiome in human pregnancy


Professor Caudill has over 160 publications including 145 peer reviewed original research papers.