Michael Littman

Princeton University



a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 1979. I am an experimentalist with expertise in tunable laser design, laser spectroscopy, mechatronics, space telescope design, and STEM education. I am the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the MAE Department.

Research Areas

Professor Littman's research interests include automatic controls, tunable laser design, and bio-mimic robotics. His principal research concerns the Terrestrial Planet Finder, a project involving design and control of a high contrast coronagraph. Control, Robotics and Dynamical Systems


Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Louis Brandeis Scholar, 1972 Alfred Rheinstein '11 Faculty Award, 1982 The Franklin Institute, Honorary Life Member, 1989 Optical Society of America, Engineering Excellence Award, 2005 Optical Society of America, Fellow, 2010 SEAS Distinguished Teacher, 2015