Project Introduction

What is the Core Curriculum?

“For more than 100 years, the Core Curriculum has been the defining element of a Columbia College education. It’s a communal learning experience that cultivates community-wide discourse and deliberate contemplation around seminal works, contemporary issues and humanity’s most enduring questions.
One of the distinctive features of the Core is that it is designed to transcend disciplines. It introduces cornerstone ideas and theories from across literature, philosophy, history, science and the arts, inviting your curiosity, reflection and critique, in conversation with others.
In most Core classes, you’ll engage with primary works that contain some of the most significant thoughts, images and sounds created, from Homer to Toni Morrison, Plato to Gandhi, Raphael to Andy Warhol, and the composers of Gregorian Chants to Kaija Saariaho.
As you collectively explore what these works mean to you as an individual, you’ll grapple with the joys and challenges of what it means to be human.”
Quoted from Columbia College

ASC-CORE inherits the concept of the Core Curriculum. We joins forces with the Columbia University faculty team to create the true Core Curriculum experience,which students can lean at home.

Program Format
  • Course Arrangement:

    4 semesters within 12 months on a rolling base

  • Class Size:

    20 students in one class

  • Course Schedule:

    · 100 hours of faculties' lectures

    · 10 courses and 6 disciplines , include literature humanities, contemporary civilization, university writing, art humanities, frontiers of sciences, and mathematics

Core Achievement
  • Faculty Evaluation

    The faculty evaluation will contain the participant' s contribution, assignment , class performance, and research output.

  • ASC Official Academic Evaluation Report

    ASC will sign a FLA report for the participant who complete the program.

  • Academic Research Output

    The participant will complete a research paper or other constructive research outputs with the supervision of the faculty.

  • Paper Publication

    Outstanding papers can be published in international journals as first author (page charges not included).