Project Introduction

ASC-M Master Scholars is a customized, one-to-one academic research program that requires applicants to undergo several screening processes and complete challenging academic research projects under the guidance of professors. ASC provides the best teaching resources available to all participants, and the program usually enlists professors who are program directors, department heads, chairmen, or academic leaders in the hottest majors of Ivy League universities or the G5 group, to help students achieve their academic objectives. More than 95% of students who have completed the ASC-M Master Scholars Program have been admitted to the top 30 universities in the US and the G5 in the UK, and over 45% of MS-1 level students have gained admission to Ivy League schools in the US, as well as Oxford or Cambridge University in the UK.

MS-1 Professor Level

· Harvard University
· Yale University
· Princeton University
· Stanford University
· Massachusetts Institute of Technology
· Cambridge University
· Oxford University

MS-2 Professor Level

· Top 20 in the U.S.
· Top 3 in specials
· The G5 group in the U.K.