Project Introduction

The ASC Project-Based Learning program aims to enhance the skills of highly talented students by guiding them through real-world and intricate problems. With the guidance of esteemed professors, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and self-management skills. Hundreds of distinguished professors and scholars from renowned universities in the US and UK lead courses and offer various research topics through PBL, providing a purely academic research experience for students.

Program Format
  • Course Arrangement:

    Rolling Base

  • Course Period:

    9 weeks

  • Course Schedule:

    · 16 Hours of research topics seminar and workshop

    · 10 hours of academic writing courses

    · 54 hours of elective course

    * Participants are recommended to study independently for at least 60 hours

Core Achievement
  • Faculty Evaluation

    The faculty evaluation will contain the participant' s contribution, assignment , class performance, and research output.

  • ASC Official Academic Evaluation Report

    ASC will sign a FLA report for the participant who complete the program.

  • Academic Research Output

    The participant will complete a research paper or other constructive research outputs with the supervision of the faculty.

  • Paper Publication

    Outstanding papers can be published in international journals as first author (page charges not included).