Project Introduction

The creation of the PPE curriculum is based on the idea that studying contemporary social science in the fields of economics, politics, and philosophy.
The study of philosophy is designed to cultivate analytical, critical, and logical skills, which are essential for effective reasoning and problem-solving. Political science provides a comprehensive understanding of how political institutions impact modern civilization, and how policy decisions are formulated. Economics explores how consumers, businesses, and governments interact to determine the allocation of resources, providing insights into the workings of the market and the economy as a whole.
The PPE curriculum aims to equip students with a broad range of knowledge and skills that are highly valuable in the modern world, preparing them for successful careers and meaningful contributions to society.

Program Format
  • Course Arrangement:

    Regular classes, Rolling Base

  • Class Size:

    20 students in one class

  • Course Schedule:

    40 hours of faculties' lectures

  • Course Content:

    4 courses and 4 disciplines , include

    · Philosophy (P)

    · Politics (P)

    · Economics (E)

    · College Writing

Core Achievement
  • Faculty Evaluation

    The faculty evaluation will contain the participant' s contribution, assignment , class performance, and research output.

  • ASC Official Academic Evaluation Report

    ASC will sign a FLA report for the participant who complete the program.

  • Academic Research Output

    The participant will complete a research paper or other constructive research outputs with the supervision of the faculty.

  • Paper Publication

    Outstanding papers can be published in international journals as first author (page charges not included).