Project Introduction

The ASC Research Tutoring Program offers students exclusive access to teaching resources. The program aims to stimulate the passion of students’ academic study and deep exploration. The ASC Research Tutoring Program selects pairs of doctoral scholars from prestigious universities to serve as professional tutors. According to students' professional interests and needs, tutors will be customized and matched, and the entire process will be systematically tracked by dedicated class coordinators.

Program Format
  • Course Arrangement:

    Rolling Base

  • Course Period:

    10-20 weeks

  • Course Schedule:

    · 20 hours of research tutoring workshop

    · 54 hours of elective course

    · Research topics guidance and research paper modifification

Core Achievement
  • Faculty Evaluation

    The faculty evaluation will contain the participant' s contribution, assignment , class performance, and research output.

  • ASC Official Academic Evaluation Report

    ASC will sign a FLA report for the participant who complete the program.

  • Academic Research Output

    The participant will complete a research paper or other constructive research outputs with the supervision of the faculty.

  • Paper Publication

    Outstanding papers can be published in international journals as first author (page charges not included).