Project Introduction

The ASC-Summer Research Program offers students the attempts to work on research projects led by professors from well-known universities in the United States. The program focuses on teaching and improving students' academic research methods, critical thinking, and writing skills. It aims to broaden students' academic vision, provides an immersive learning environment at prestigious institutions, help students stand out in the university application process, and gain valuable experience studying abroad.
Participants in the program will work on independent and personalized research projects, strengthening their academic backgrounds and gaining valuable research experience. The program creates a safe and authentic university study and living environment for students, providing an immersive experience of studying abroad and preparing them for future international endeavors. In this summer,the ASC Summer Academic Programs will be held at Harvard campus.

Program Format
  • Program Period:

    Three weeks from July 17, 2023 to August 4, 2023

  • Class Size:

    15-20 for each topic

  • Course Schedule:

    · 24 hours of research topics seminar and workshop (On-site)

    · 10 hours of academic writing courses(Online)

    · 54 hours of elective course(Online)

    * Participants are recommended to study independently for 20 hours each week.